NANN has the goal of making the system of care serving Native Americans in Los Angeles County as seamless as possible. Areas of concerns and need are:

Alcoholism and Drug Abuse

American Indian Changing Spirits Residential Recovery Center

(562) 388-8118 

Changing Spirits is a social model, community based 180 day Residential Recovery Program founded in 1999 for American Indian men who suffer from Alcohol and/or Drug Addiction. Residents of Changing Spirits are provided with a culturally relevant array of services using evidence based practices designed to support recovery.  Cognitive Therapy  Alcohol/Drug Education  One on One Counseling Support Groups
12 Step Groups Resident Council Anger Management Recreation and Social Activities Family Involvement Diabetes and HIV/AIDS Prevention Education Detox Referral Gateway to Education Silver Smith, Beadwork, and Art Studio Cultural Activities Sweat Lodge Native Drum Changing Spirits Changing Spirits is a non-profit program that does not deny services based on race, ethnic background, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, or the ability to pay. 


United American Indian Involvement, INC.

Los Angeles, California (213) 202-3970 Founded in 1974, United American Indian Involvement, INC. (UAII) is a non-profit multi-service agency, located in the SPA 4 area of Los Angeles, whose mission is to enhance the health and well-being of the American Indian/Alaska Native Community in all of Los Angeles County. These services include outreach, case management, linkage and referral, health education and promotion, risk assessment, disease and injury prevention, STD/TB/Hepatitis screening, access to medical and dental services, recreation and cultural activities, substance abuse counseling and treatment, and mental health services.                                     
UAII-Central High School Program
UAII- Los Angeles American Indian Club House
UAII- Los Angeles American Indian Health Project 
UAII- Robert Sundance Family Wellness Center
UAII- Annual Robert Sundance Summer Youth Camp
The Robert Sundance Workforce Development Program 
UAII- Seven Generations Child and Family Services
UAII- Seven Generations- Innovations
UAII- Seven Generations Family Preservation and Family Support Programs 
UAII- Seven Generations Native Pathway to Healing


Southern California Indian Center, INC.

(714)- 962-6673: Orange County-Corporate Office (213) 387-5772: Los Angeles Office (323) 274-1070: Highland Park Office Serving the American Indian Community of Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside Counties for 47 years, Southern California Indian Center, INC (SCIC). provides needed support and assistance in the areas of Workplace Development, Education, Family, Support, Multimedia Training, and much more. The goals of SCIC are to promote social, educational, economic self-sufficiency for American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian people. To reach these goals SCIC’s objectives are:

1. To promote, foster, and encourage programs for the general welfare, education and social benefit for American Indians.
2. To establish and maintain, cultural, economic and recreational programs for American Indians.
3. To eliminate barriers of discrimination of race, religion, and gender.
4. To educate and broaden the knowledge of the American public on Indian issues and culture, regarding its unique positive contributions to American society.

Services include:

Employment and Training Program

Educational Component
American Indian Families Partnership

Supportive Services

Elder Care Project

Inter-Tribal Entertainment Multimedia Training

Sherman Indian School Transition to College Project

Volunteer Program

Annual Pow Wow


Torres- Martinez Tribal Assistance For Needy Families

(323) 313-1300: Commerce Office (310) 878-1600: Long Beach Office (661) 466-1100: Palmdale Office (213) 816-2000: Los Angeles Office The mission of Torres- Martinez Tribal TANF (TMTT) is to help tribal families achieve self-sufficiency and independence. The TMTT program provides parents with job preparation work and supportive services to enable them to leave the program and become self-sufficient. The program may also provide funds and/or services to families in the child welfare system or at risk of welfare dependency, through diversionary funds.
Services include:
TANF- Temporary Assistance For Needy Families
TANF- Career Guidance Department
TANF- Family Preservation Services


Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS)

Indian Child Welfare Program- Covina Office DCFS American Indian Unit (626) 938-1846 or (626) 938-1838 The Indian Child Welfare Program provides culturally responsive services to AI/AN families who come to the attention of DCFS due to allegations of child abuse and/or neglect. In addition to following State and Federal Welfare Service Regulations, the program meets the mandates of the Indian Welfare Act, engaging and collaborating with Tribes throughout the Country. The program provides emergency response, dependency investigation, family maintenance, family reunification services, and permanency planning to AI/AN children and their families. The program provides youth transition out of foster care with aftercare and emancipation services for successful independent living.

Services include:
Voluntary Family Maintenance and Reunification Services
Services for Court Dependent Children and Their Families
Temporary Foster Care
Permanency Planning Services
Emancipation Planning for Foster Youth “Let us put our minds together and see what lives we will make for our children”-Sitting Bull


Department of Mental Health American Indian Counseling Center/ Child and Youth Counseling Center

(562) 402-0677 Cerritos, California The American Indian Counseling Center is a directly operated program of the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health that provides culturally sensitive mental health services to:

American Indian Elders



Youth and Children

Services include:

Individual and Group Mental Health Treatment

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Crisis Intervention

Case Management
Community Outreach

Foster Care Mental Health

Prevention and Early Intervention
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Full Service Partnerships

The American Indian Counseling Center also provides Parent Education, Indian Foster Care, Mental Health, and a wide array of individualized services. Services are provided in own offices and at off-site locations such as homes and schools. Wellness and Field Capable treatment services are offered to some of our adult clients while others are seen through our Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) and Full Service Partnership (FSP) components.


American Indian Health Council Community Partners

(213) 346-3200 Los Angeles Office The American Indian Health Council is a group dedicated to providing health information, referral and outreach services to the American Indian community of Southern California. The Council regularly attends health fairs and pow wows to distribute health related information and referral services. The Council also collects health education data using health services as well as disseminating HIV, alcohol and drug data.

Services include:

Health Information
Outreach Services


Department of Public Health County of Los Angeles Substance Abuse Prevention and Control

(626) 299-4193 Prevention, Treatment, Recovery


Indian Alcoholism Commission of Los Angeles County

Los Angeles, California

(213) 202-3970


Los Angeles County Native American Indian Commission

Native American Indian Commission


American Indian Community Council

Highland Park, California Community Liaisons: Connie Begay- Arvil Curdova- The mission of AICC is to strengthen the overall wellness of Los Angeles’s American Indian children, families, and community through leadership development, community organizing, self-determination, and cultural values. AICC is a nonprofit organization founded in 1998 as a public-private community council under the Los Angeles County Children’s Council. Since its inception, AICC has served as a central hub and is a resource for the Los Angeles American Indian/Alaska Native Community.

Services include:
Elders Group
First Women, First Tuesday, Come to the Fire
Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) Task Force 
United Native Youth of LA (UNYLA)


Behavioral Health Service, Inc. (BHS)

BHS-Home Office
(Older Adults, Outpatient, BHS Affiliates, Court-Related Services)
15519 Crenshaw Boulevard Gardena, CA 90249

Transforming lives by offering hope and opportunities for recovery, wellness, and independence

Behavioral Health Services is a not-for-profit community-based healthcare organization providing substance abuse, mental health, drug-free transitional living, older adult services, HIV/AIDS education and prevention, and other related health services to the residents of Southern California.BHS began providing outpatient substance abuse treatment services to adolescents and young adults in the Centinela Valley in 1973. Realizing the enormity of need throughout Los Angeles County, we expanded reach and now operate from 21 locations covering the South Bay, East Los Angeles, the San Gabriel Valley, and the metropolitan areas of Los Angeles County.
We strongly believe in partnering not only with our clients and their families, but also with other service organizations throughout the community in order to ensure that clients and their families have the greatest opportunity for long-term recovery from substance abuse.